Symptom: Humming and Buzzing

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This checklist can help you alleviate humming or buzzing issues.

1. If you have multiple devices from the same audio system connected to different circuits—e.g. electrical outlets on different walls—you may have a ground loop. Try plugging the power for all of your connected audio devices, including your speakers, to the same power outlet. Make sure absolutely no other electrical devices—i.e. printers, lamps, refrigerator—are plugged into this outlet. If the humming or buzzing disappears, then you know the noise was a result of a ground loop.

2. Keep power cables and audio cables apart from each other. If power and audio cables must cross paths, keep the audio and power cables at 90-degree angles to each other instead of laying parallel, side-by-side.

3. Keep your Roland/BOSS/EDIROL product as far away from the computer, computer monitors, power cables, and electrical circuits (wall plugs) as you can.

4. If possible, use balanced audio cables from your Roland/BOSS/EDIROL interface to your speakers. Unbalanced cables are more prone to noise.

Note: if your Roland/BOSS/EDIROL interface has RCA outputs that use unbalanced cables, try to keep these cables at a length of no more than a few feet to minimize humming or buzzing.