Copy Files From Floppy Disk to Memory Card

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Use the following procedure to copy Song Files from Floppy disk to a formated Memory Card:

1. Press the DISK & MEDIA button so it is lit.

2. Touch FILE COPY on the display.

3. Touch SONG.

4. Touch FROM to select "FLOPPY DISK."

5. Touch TO to select "EXT MEMORY."

6. Touch the title of the song you wish to copy.

NOTE: If you want to copy all the songs on the floppy disk, touch ALL FILES in the upper right hand corner of the display.

7. Touch EXECUTE.

NOTE: You will get a message stating: "Replace files having the same name?" Decide whether or not you want to replace older files with newer files if they share the same name.

8. Touch YES or NO.

9. If you touch YES, the screen will display "working..." while it is copying the song files.

10. Press the EXIT button when copying is finished.