XP-30: Setting a Patch to Sound the Same in Performance Mode

Tags: patch,effect,xp-30,same,peformance
A Patch can be routed through an MFX processor, a Reverb processor and a Chorus processor. These effects can contribute significantly to the overall sound of a Patch. Assigning a Patch to a Performance can make the Patch sound quite different. This is because a Performance can use up to 16 different Patches on 16 Parts at once. Each of these Parts and Patches must share the same effects processors with all the other Parts and Patches in the Performance. This causes the Patches to lose their original Patch effects settings, making them sound different.

You can however select a single Part in a Performance to control the settings for one of the MFX Processors plus the settings for the Reverb processor and Chorus Processor. This selected Part becomes the "SOURCE" for each Processor, causing the effects settings of the Patch to be copied into the Performance. This Patch will now sound exactly like it does when in Patch Mode.

Use the following procedure to make the Patch on Part 1 of a Performance sound the same as it does in Patch mode:

1. Press PERFORM.

2. Rotate the VALUE dial to select "PRA: 12 Pop Set 1."

3. Press EDIT so it is lit.

4. Press the EFFECTS 2/10 button below the display
so it is flashing.

5. Use the CURSOR buttons and VALUE dial to set "Output Assign" to "PATCH."

6. Use the CURSOR buttons and VALUE dial to set "Chorus"
to "127" and "Reverb" to "127."

7. CURSOR down to the "Part EFX " screen.

8. Use the VALUE dial and CURSOR buttons to set "SOURCE"
to "Part 1."

9. Press PERFORM to return to the "Performance Play" screen.

The Patch you select on Part One will now retain it's related MFX settings and will sound the same in both Patch mode and Performance mode.