TD-20, TD-20S BK, TD-20S WT: Assigning Instruments to the Direct Outputs

Tags: td-20,td-20s,bk,wt
It is possible to assign instruments in the TD-20 to any of the Direct Outputs. Use the following steps to do so:

1. Select a desired Drum Kit to edit.

2. Press SETUP.

3. Press F2 (OUTPUT).

4. Hit one of the pads or press the TRIG SELECT left/right buttons to select a desired instrument to be assigned.

5. Press the F2 (DIR 1-4) or F3 (DIR 5-8) buttons to choose the group that contains the direct output number for the instrument. For example, if you want the instrument you've chosen to be assigned to Direct Output #8, press F3 to access Direct group 5-8.

6. Turn the VALUE dial or use the CURSOR Up/Down buttons to select the output setting.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 for any remaining pads.

8. Press KIT when you're finished. The settings are stored automatically.