BR-1180CD, BR-1180: Understanding the Undo Operation

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There may be times when the recording you make may not turn out as you wish, or the settings you make for an editing operation are incorrect, and you want to reverse what you have done. At these times, you can use the “Undo function.”
The Undo function reverses the action you have just performed and returns you to the status you were in beforehand. To reverse an Undo, you must use the “Redo function.”
For example, suppose you are punching in to loop record and record over the same location twice. To undo the recording you just performed and return to the first recording, you would use the Undo function.
To then reverse the Undo and return to the condition that you were in immediately after the second recording, you would use the Redo function.
Furthermore, you can continue repeating Undo to review the sequence of operations you have made thus far.

Notes on UNDO:
*After you have performed an Undo, if you perform any recording, select another song, or perform any action that saves data to memory, you’ll no longer be able to perform the Redo.
* Undos only affect audio data recorded to the tracks. You cannot undo changes made to parameter settings, or data other than audio data.
* Keep in mind that the history of all operations you’ve carried out with respect to the recorded data will be cleared as soon as you carry out a Song Optimize. Once this history is gone, you must use caution, since one more Undo command will result in the erasure of all the recorded data. (You cannot undo the Song Optimize operation itself.)