TM-7: Description

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TM-7 Guitar Monitor

The TM-7 is a completely unique device which provides a multitude of
interesting and useful applications. Using the stereo audio inputs you can mix
a cassette or CD player with the parts you are playing through the guitar
input. The unique 'center canceler' feature lets you eliminate guitar solos and
vocals (which are usually center-panned) so you can solo without interference.
Using the TM-7 as a line driver (amp simulator), in conjunction with BOSS
effects pedals, offers some blazing direct recording possibilities. Your guitar
will sound great because the TM-7 is equipped with an outstanding guitar
amplifier simulator.


- Onboard amp simulator for direct recording with BOSS effects pedals
- Center canceler for removing guitar solos and vocals
- Stereo input for playing along with CD or cassette
- Built-in effects loop for adding reverb, chorus, pitch shifter, etc.
- Stereo mini headphone jack for silent practice
- Battery operation for complete portability