VS-2000CD: Inserting Effects on the Master Bus

Tags: effects,insert,master,mastering,vs-2000cd
Inserting effects in the Master bus allows you to apply the effect on the entire mix. The VS-2000CD offers many effects just for this purpose called "MTK" effects. These start at patch "P231" on your VS8F-2 Effects card. Select the one that makes your mix sound the best.

Applying the Effect:

1. Hold down the SHIFT button and press CH EDIT[MASTER].
2. Press F2 for "FXIns" and the Master Effect Insert screen appears.
3. With the TIME/VALUE dial, turn FX1 to "INS".

Choosing the effect:

1. Hold down the SHIFT button and press the F3[EFFECT] button.
2. Press F1 for "FX1".
3. Press F1 to select "Patch".
4. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to highlight the desired effect.
5. Press F5 for "Select" to choose that highlighted effect. Press the "Bypass" button to quickly hear the dry sound without the effect and press it again to continue hearing the effect.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you find a MTK effect that you like.
7. Press HOME to return to the main screen.