How do I install a PLUG-IN for the VS8F-3 using a mouse and VGA monitor?

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,vs-2000,vs8f-3,install,plug-in
To install the available 3rd party Plug-Ins for the VS8F-3 effects expansion board using the following procedure:

1) Insert the SETUP DISC into the CD-R/RW drive.


3) Click on PLUG-IN Install.

4) Click on F5(INSTAL)

5)"AUTHORIZE?" will appear.

6) If you want to install the authorized version, click YES. If you want to install the the trial version, click NO.

7)Click YES. This will complete the install.

Note: When you choose to install the authorized version of the Plug-In it will write authorization data to both the hard drive and to the SETUP DISC. This will prevent authorization to any other hard drive.