How to Burn a CD From the Fantom X Using a Computer

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You can take a song that you have created in the Fantom X and get it into a format that can be burned to a CD by a computer using the following procedures;

1. Press SAMPLING.

2. Press F2 RESAMPL.

3. Press F2 AutoTrig.

4. Press PLAY to start the song.

5. At the end of the song press F7 Stop

6. Press WRITE,then F3 Sample.

7. Name the Sample by using the CURSOR buttons and DYNAMIC PAD BANK button. Then press F8 Write three times to store the sample. Press EXIT to exit the sampling menus.

8. Connect your Fantom X via USB to your computer.

9. Press MENU, then CURSOR to USB STORAGE and press ENTER.

10. Press F3 to establish connection with your computer.

11. On a PC, FANX will show up as a removable drive under 'My Computer.' On a Mac, FANX will show on your desktop.

12. Click on FANX. Open the 'Roland' folder. Open the SMPL folder to find the sample that you named.

13. Copy the sample to your computer and then use your CD burning software to burn that sample as audio to a CD.