V-STUDIO 20, V-STUDIO, vs-20: How To Turn On Phantom Power

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Condenser microphones, unlike dynamic mics, require 48 volts of "phantom power" to function. This is supplied by the V-STUDIO 20’s XLR connection to your microphone. Follow the steps below to turn on phantom power in the V-STUDIO 20.

Note: The V-STUDIO 20 Driver and VS-20 Editor Software must be installed in order to turn the phantom power on or off. If you haven't yet installed this software, follow the instructions found in the “V-STUDIO 20 Software and Driver Installation” article in the knowledge base.

1. Connect the V-STUDIO 20 to your computer via USB.

2. Launch the VS-20 Editor software on your computer.

3. Click Setup at the top of the software window, and then click Set Up MIDI Devices…

4. In the Set Up MIDI Devices window, select “VS-20 Effect Control” from both the Input and Output drop down menus, and then click OK.

5. Click on the SETTING button towards the right of the software window—the System Settings window appears.

6. Click on the small red circle to the left of “+48 V” so it lights—phantom power is now on.