RM-700: How to Create An Audio File from a MIDI File

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Use the following procedure to create an AUDIO file from a pre-existing song file or a MIDI file using your RM-700:

NOTE: You must have a formatted USB memory drive inserted. The USB drive must have the song file or MIDI file on it that you wish to convert.

1. Press SONG.

2. Select the song file or MIDI file on the USB drive.

3. Press PLAY to confirm that the song file was properly loaded. Then press STOP and RESET to the beginning of the song.

4. Press RECORD.

5. Touch to select AUDIO on the display screen.

6. Touch to select ADD ON on the next display screen.

7. Press PLAY and the song will begin playing and will simultaneously be recorded as AUDIO. Wait for the song to finish playing.

8. When the song is finished playing press STOP.

9. Using the touch screen, give the new audio file a name.

10. Touch EXECUTE.