GR-33: No synthesizer sound from the GR-33

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If no synthesizer sound is being heard from the GR-33 , please use the
following checklist:

1. Make sure that you are using the MIX OUTPUTS and not the GUITAR OUTPUT. (The GUITAR OUTPUT will only produce your "dry" or unprocessed guitar sound.

2. Make sure that your sensitivity settings have been adjusted accordingly.

Refer to input sensitivity in your GR-33 manual, or "Setting String Sensitivity" in this help desk.

3. Is your GK switch set to "SYNTH?"

4. Check your GK cable. Is it properly connected at both ends?

5. Is your amplifier or mixer volume up? Try placing headphones into the MIX OUTPUT L JACK.

6. Is the VOLUME/ EXP PEDAL in a "forward" position on the GR-33?

7. Make sure the VOLUME CONTROL knob is up on both the GR-33 and the GK Pickup.