Fantom-S88, Fantom-S: Assigning a Sample to a Dynamic Pad

Tags: fantom-s,fantom-s88
Now that we’ve sampled a sound (see Sampling), let’s assign it to a DYNAMIC PAD:

1. Press PATCH/RHYTHM so it’s lit.

2. Press SAMPLE LIST so it’s lit.

3. Turn the VALUE dial to select the sample you wish to assign—the selected sample is highlighted.

Note: To audition the selected sample, press and hold F8 (Preview) to hear it.

4. Press F7 (Load Utility).

5. Press F2 (To Pad).

6. Press the DYNAMIC PAD that you want to use.

7. Press F8 (Exec) twice—“Assign to pad completed” briefly appears in the display.

8. Press the DYNAMIC PAD to audition its sample.