RD-64: Selecting Modes

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The RD-64 has two operating modes: 

- Piano Mode:

In Piano Mode, you can play the sounds of the RD-64 using the Tone Select and Tone Variation buttons. The Reverb button, EQ knobs, EFX 1 and EFX 2 buttons, Transpose and Octave Up and Down buttons will all function normally in this mode. Also the controllers (Pitch Bend / Modulation lever, D Beam, Foot Pedal Inputs) operate as labelled.

- Controller Mode:

In Controller Mode, the sounds of the RD-64 are disabled, but you are now able to assign all of the controllers to any number of MIDI messages. Also, the SuperNATURAL button can be used with Roland products that respond to SuperNATURAL control messages. In this mode the programming of the RD-64 is identical to using the A-88 MIDI Controller.

Here is the procedure for selecting which mode the RD-64 uses:

- Piano Mode: Power the RD-64 on normally (with no buttons held down).

- Controller Mode: Power the RD-64 on while holding down the A.PIANO button.