BR-532: Recording With And Editing Insert (COSM) Effects

Tags: input,record,mic,editing,edit,effects,recording,insert,patch,bank,br-532,cosm,line,gtr
By default, when you select an input (or pair of inputs) for recording with the INPUT SELECT buttons, a basic COSM effect is inserted in the path. The output of this inserted COSM effect is being recorded to your tracks. If you want to change that effect, do the following :

1. Press the COSM effects button. You will see the Name, Bank and Patch Number of the effect on the top line of the display. Notice that in the upper right hand corner of the display the bank of the effect (MIC, GTR, or LINE) and the Patch Number of the effect (i.e. - P01 or U01)are shown.

2. Use the right PARAMETER button to move the cursor to the Patch Number. Use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to change the number and the patch.

3. If you want to use an effect from another Bank, then use the PARAMETER buttons to cursor to the Bank type (next to the Patch Number) and use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to change it. For example, even though you might be recording a vocal using the MIC input, you could use the "Metal Lead" patch from the GTR bank for an interesting effect.

4. To edit a patch, use the PARAMETER buttons to navigate to the EDIT selection on the bottom left of your screen. Press ENTER/YES.

5. Use the PARAMETER buttons to cursor to the parameter of the effect that you want to edit. Press ENTER/YES.

6. Adjust the setting then press EXIT/NO to get back to the parameter list for the effect. Continue to make changes to other parameters (including the name of the patch), or press EXIT/NO to get back to the main effects window.

7. The settings that you make to the COSM effects are temporary. If you exit from the effects screen, you will lose any changes that you've made to the parameters. If you want to save the setting that you edited, you will have to write it to a User Setting. Cursor over to WRITE and press ENTER/YES.

8. Select the User or (U:)Patch Number where you would like to save the patch settings that you edited as a new patch. Press ENTER/YES. The BR-532 will say "Are You Sure?" Press ENTER/YES again to store the Patch.

9. When you want to call up that exact insert COSM effect in any song, you can call up the User (U:) bank and the patch number and use the settings that you created.