V-Synth GT: Can I Load a V-Synth or V-Synth XT Project Into the V-Synth GT?

Tags: v-synth,project,gt,xt
Projects from both the original V-Synth (2.0 and higher only) and V-Synth XT rack can be loaded into the V-Synth GT:

1. Connect a USB flash drive to your computer.
2. From your computer, create a folder named "XT" on the USB drive.
3. Copy the V-Synth 2.0 or V-Synth XT project to the "XT" folder on the USB drive.
4. Once copied, eject the USB drive from your computer.
5. Connect the USB drive to the V-Synth GT.
6. Press UTILITY.
7. Touch "Project".
8. Touch "Convert Project".
9. Select the desired project and touch "OK".
10. Touch "OK".

NOTE: Converting a project may take several minutes.