R-70: Edit Instruments in Realtime Record

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Use the following steps to edit instruments during realtime record.

1) Select Realtime Record Mode by pressing the PATTERN button.
2) Choose the desired pattern number with the CURSOR LEFT and RIGHT and VALUE
UP and DOWN buttons.
3) Press EDIT.
4) Use the CURSOR buttons to move the position enclosed with '[ ]'.
5) Choose the desired parameter to edit with the VALUE DIAL. [Available
options are Volume (VL), Pitch (PT), Decay (DC), Nuance (NU), Pan (PN), Timing
Shift (SH) and Flam (FL) .]
6) Press the RIGHT CURSOR button once.
7) Press START.
8) Hold down the pad for the instrument you want to change and move the VALUE
9) Press EDIT to return to play status.