TD-4, TD-4S: Adjusting Crosstalk Cancel

Tags: trigger,td-4,td-4s,vibration
When two or more pads are mounted to the same stand, hitting one pad may trigger the sound from another pad unintentionally. This is referred to as "Crosstalk." Increasing the Crosstalk Cancel (X-TALK CANCEL) value for a pad can help reduce the possibility of crosstalk.
Use the following procedure to adjust the Crosstalk Cancel
for a pad in the TD-4:

1. Press the MENU button.

2. Press the SEL down button to choose "PAD SETTINGS".

3. Press the OK button.

4. Press SEL down to choose "Advanced Edit".

5. Press OK.

6. Press SEL down button to choose "Xtalk Cancel".

7. Hit the pad you wish to adjust.

8. Turn the +/- value dial to adjust the Xtalk (0-80%).
Set the value to the percentage that helps with the Crosstalk. Increasing the percentage value lowers the possibility of Crosstalk from occurring, but can also effect the trigger results of the pad. It may take some experimenting to get the Xtalk to work well for your particular playing style.

9. Press MENU when you're finish. The new settings are saved automatically.