GR-55: Transmitting a MIDI Sustain Message from the CTL Pedal

Tags: gr-55
It's possible to assign the on-board CTL pedal on the GR-55 to transmit a MIDI sustain message (CC-64). Here's how.

1. Press EDIT.

2. Press PAGE right to select the SYSTEM tab, and then press ENTER.

3. Press the cursor left or right buttons to select the MIDI/USB icon, and then press ENTER.

4. Press PAGE left or right to select the GUITAR-MIDI tab.

5. Press cursor up or down to select CTL PDL CC.

6. Turn the dial to select 64.

7. Press EXIT twice when you're finished. The new setting is saved automatically.

Note: By default, the GR-55's MIDI channel is set to channel 1. You will most likely need to match the MIDI channel in the GR-55 with your external device for the sustain message to function properly.