VS-2400, VS-2480: Creating Scenes

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,create,scene,creating,scenes
You can store the "current state" or your VS in a project by using Scenes. A Scene will store your signal routing, fader levels, channel parameters, effect settings, v-tracks, and master level to a Scene Location. You can store up to 100 Scenes in a Project.

For example, this feature can be useful when you are recording a project with different insturmentation on different days. You could save a different Scene on each day of recording. Then when you want the VS to revert back to the state that it was in on a specific day, you could recall the Scene that you stored that day.

1. Press [SCENE/BANK]. The button will light orange.

2. Press one of the numeric keypad buttons to select a location to save your Scene to. You have the option of storing a Scene to location 0 - 9 in the current Scene Bank. The [SCENE] button light will turn off once you store a scene.

3. To recall a Scene, just press the [SCENE/BANK]so the button lights orange. You will notice that the locations on the numeric keypad for the Scenes you've already stored will also be lit orange. Press one of these lit buttons to recall a scene.

4. To change Scene Banks, press and hold down the [SHIFT] button, and press [SCENE/BANK]. All of the buttons of the numeric keypad [0-9] will be lit orange. Banks that you have not stored Scenes in will flash, and banks that you have stored Scenes in will be on, but not flashing. Press the number of the Scene Bank [0-9] that you want to store new Scenes in or to recall Scenes from.

NOTE : A Scene is not the same as an Automix Snapshot. A Scene only saves the current state of the recorder. You cannot use Scenes to automate settings in "real time" as your project is playing.