Retrieving Lost Data From Roland Disks Corrupted by Windows 95

Tags: g-600,kr-570,kr-770
Disks from many Roland products become corrupted when put unprotected into a
using Windows 95. The disk will no longer be usable, however there is a way to
recover the
lost data:

1) Remove the disk from the computer.
2) On the computer, press RESET.
3) Press the F8 button as soon as the screen says STARTING WINDOWS 95.
4) When the menu comes up, choose COMMAND PROMPT ONLY. (Then press ENTER.)
5) You are now in DOS Mode. Insert the original disk into the computer.
6) Copy the files from the corrupted disk to the hard drive, by typing the
following messages:
md c:
oltemp (press ENTER)
copy a:*.* c:
oltemp (press ENTER)
7) Format a new disk on the Roland unit.
8) Insert the new disk into the computer.
9) While still in DOS Mode, copy the files from the hard drive to the new
disk, by typing the following messages:
copy c:
oltemp*.* a: (press ENTER)
10) When the screen shows "__ file(s) copied," the process is complete and you
can eject the disk.
11) Type the following message to return to Windows:
win (press ENTER)

To make sure that future disks are not corrupted by Windows 95, the Windows 95
registry can be updated with a disk obtained through Roland. Call (323)
890-3700 (ext. 2770).

The KR-570 and KR-770 have update disks available through Roland, which will
update the keyboards so future disks created on them will be immune to Windows
95 corruptions (without having to change the Windows 95 registry). Call (323)
890-3700 (ext. 5305).