GT-6: Setting the Tuner Mode - Mute or Bypass

Tags: signal,tuning,gt-6
While tuning your guitar in the GT-6, the signal can either be Muted or Outputted to your amp/headphones etc. depending on which mode you select. If the mode is set to "MUTE", you will not hear your guitar while tuning. If the mode is set to "BYPASS", your guitar signal will be heard through your amp/headphones etc. Use the following steps to set the Tuner mode:

1. Press the TUNER/BYPASS button so it is lit.

2. Press the PARAMETER Right > button twice to select "TUNER OUT".

3. Turn the VALUE dial to choose the desired setting - MUTE or BYPASS.

4. Press EXIT, or press TUNER/ BYPASS when finished. The setting is stored automatically.