SPD-S: Auditioning Effects

Tags: spd-s
The SPD-S contains 28 multi-effects, any one of which can be used for a patch. Use the following steps to audition the effects within a patch. We’ll use factory patch 009:Eco-Echo.

1. Press PATCH so it’s lit.

2. Use + or – to select patch 008:Eco-Echo.

3. If it’s not already lit, press EFFECTS to light it.

4. Press EDIT so it’s lit.

5. Press PAGE > three times to select EFFECTS.

6. Press ENTER.

7. Use + or – to select the desired effect.

8. Strike the pads to hear their sounds with the newly selected effect.

9. Press EXIT twice to save your new effect selection into the patch.

Note: You may also return to the original effect by pressing + or – to select STEREODELAY, followed by EXIT twice.