BR-1600, BR-1600CD: Importing a track off an audio CD?

Tags: import,audio,br-1600

You can extract the audio from any audio CD and place the audio onto any pair of tracks within the current BR-1600 song. This is done digitally and so there is no loss in quality of the audio.

1- Press the AUDIO CD WRITE/PLAY button.

2- Cursor to AUDIO CD PLAY/IMPORT and press ENTER.

3- Cursor to the track you wish to IMPORT and press F4

4- The screen dialog will then ask which tracks you want to place the CD audio (which must be a stereo tracks on the
BR unit). You can select any pair of tracks, though the BR-1600 defaults to tracks "9/10-1".
Which means Tracks 9 & 10, V-track 1...which is the first virtual "layer" out of 8 possible V-tracks.

5- Press ENTER and the track will begin to import to the
destination you have selected. When it is finished
the track buttons will light green and you can press
PLAY to hear those tracks. At this point, the imported audio tracks function as if they were originally recorded into the BR-1600.

If you import another track, it can not be placed on the same tracks & v-track, or it will overwrite the original import. You can select either another V-track like 9/10-2 or another pair of tracks all together such as 1/2-1.