FP-7F: Saving Your FP-7F Settings As A Registration

Tags: fp-7f
Use the following procedure to save your FP-7F settings to a registration memory location.

1. Press and hold the REGISTRATION button to display "Registration - Select Write Number."

2. While continuing to hold the REGISTRATION button, press the desired flashing TONE button, and then release both buttons.

Note:: For the following steps, the listed buttons function as follows:

  • Button #1 moves the cursor to the left.
  • Button #2 moves the cursor to the right.
  • Button #3 selects upper case, lower case, numbers or symbols.
  • Button #4 inserts a space in the name field.Button #5 deletes a space or character in the name field.
  • +/- buttons change the value of the character selected.

3. Using the buttons listed above, select a registration storage location and give your registration a name.

4. When you're finished, press the flashing REGISTRATION button to finalize the saving process. The display briefly shows "Registration - Executing..."