VS-2000, VS-2400, VS-2480: Understanding Your VS: EZ ROUTING

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EZ Routing:

The EZ Routing screen shows the set up of all the connections that allow audio signals to travel within the VS recorders. EZ routing allows you to interconnect all of your:
- input channels
- track channels
- hard disk recorder tracks
- Master, FX, and Aux busses
- FX return channels
- Direct Paths
There are two EZ Routing screens that are primarily used: the “Track Assign” screen ( “Routing View” for the VS-2000CD) and the “Output Assign” screen.


There are a few ways to use the “Track Assign” screen:
- any input can be used to record to any track by connecting a line between the desired input in the Input Mixer box and the destination track in the Recording Track box.
- to bounce tracks, you assign source tracks in the Track Mixer box to the destination tracks in the Recording Track box.
- when you want to “print” send/return effects, that is record the wet signal, then you want to connect a line from the desired processor in the FX RTN box and connect it to the destination track in the Recording Track box.


In the “Output Assign” screen you decide which bus is assigned to which physical output. Here are some popular scenarios:
- when using the internal headphone jack for independent headphone mixes connect the PHONES output to the appropriate AUX bus (not available on VS-2400).
- when connecting an external processor digitally, connect the D.OUT, or COAX/OPT, to the appropriate AUX bus.
- when using direct outs for all tracks turn Track Direct Out to “ON” (not available on VS-2000CD).

EZ Routing templates are routing arrangements that can be loaded at any time. The presets contain routing templates for surround sound mixing and more, however, there are user templates that can also be stored. If you’ve spent a lot of time setting up the routing for a session and need to do it again in the future, you can save it as a user template. When it’s time for the session, load the template and the routing is already completed!