VS-880: How Do I Change EQ Bands?

Tags: vs-880,eq,2,3,band
The VS-880 allows you to edit certain frequencies using a 2 or 3 Band EQ. When using the 2 Band EQ all 14 EQ switches (6 Inputs and 8 Tracks) can be accessed simultaneously. When using the 3 Band EQ a total of 8 EQ switches can be access simultaneously. You can only change EQ Bands in Input Mix or Track Mix Mixer Modes, but not in Input Track.

Change from 2 Band EQ to 3 Band EQ perform the following instructions:

1. Ensure you are in Input Mix or Track Mix Mixer Mode by
holding SHIFT and pressing the SELECT button on Mixer
2. Hold SHIFT and press one of the following buttons:
CH EDIT 3, 4 or 5.
3. Press LEFT PARAMETER until you see EQ SWITCH.
4. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to turn on or off the desired
8 EQ Switches.
5. Press the MASTER/EDIT SOLO button several times until
you see EQ SEL=2 BAND.
6. Turn TIME/VALUE dial to change to 3 Band.
If the EQ Switch does not change to 3 Band ensure
there are no more than 8 EQ Switches in the ON
position. Repeat Steps 1-3.