VS-1680: Checking the Remaining Disk Space

Tags: vs-1680
The amount of free disk space available for recording the current song is
displayed as "Remain" in the upper part of the display. You can select the type
of display to show this function.

* "Remain" does not appear while the level meter is being displayed (p.177 of
owners manual)

1) Hold down SHIFT and press F5[SYSTEM]. The System menu icon is displayed.
If the System menu icon does not appear, then press F6[EXIT].
2) Press F1[SYSPM]. If "SYSPM" does not appear in F1, first press PAGE until
"SYSPM" is displayed, and then press F1[SYSPM].
3) If the screen displays "System parameter 1", press F2[PRM 2].
4) Press the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT CURSOR to move the cursor to "Remain
Display", then rotate the TIME / VALUE dial.

Remain Display (Remaining Display)
This selects how the remaining disk space is shown.
Time: This indicates the time (minutes / seconds) left for recording.
CapaMB: This shows the actual memory (in megabytes).
Capa%: This indicates the remaining space as a percentage of the total disk
Event: This shows the number of events used in the recording.

5) Press PLAY[DISPLAY]. This returns you to the play condition.