BR-900, BR-900CD, BR-864: Recording Times on Compact Flash Card

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There are three different record modes you can choose from to record your songs.

"HiFi"= The highest quality recording, but uses up more minutes of recording time.

"STD"= (Standard), 2nd highest quality recording, uses less minutes than HiFi.

"LONG"= Lowest level of recording quality, most amount of minutes available for recording

Some Examples of Recording Times:

64 MB card: HiFi= 32 mins, STD= 39 mins, LONG= 49 mins
1 GB card: HiFi= 520 mins, STD= 624 mins, LONG= 784 mins

- All cards should be CF Type I
- Divide # of mins by the # of Tracks to get the approximate recording time available
(# of mins/# of tracks = approx. recording time)
Example: 520 mins/8 tracks = 65 mins of recording time