Juno Di: Creating a Split and Saving

Tags: save,create,split,juno-di

This article walks you through the steps on a creating a split where one sound is on the lower section of the keyboard and another on the upper. When finish these setting can be saved.


1. Press SPLIT button.

2. Hold SPLIT and press a desired key on the keyboard to choose the split point.(Split point will appear at top of display).

3. Press ENTER button to return to display screen to pick tones.

4. Cursor down to "Upper" destination to select tone.

5. Press one of the category buttons and turn dial to select tone.

6. Repeat steps 4-5 to select tone for "Lower" destination.

7. Press EXIT button when finish creating split to save setting

Note: When finish creating your split you may wish to save these setting. Here are the steps to do so.

1. Press WRITE button.(PERFORM WRITE appears on display screen).

2. Cursor down to "Name" and name the newly created split.

3. Cursor up to number destination to selection user number you wish to save to.( User locations start at number 501).

4. Press ENTER twice to save.