V-BASS, GK-2B: Setting the GK-2B Pickup

Tags: gk-2b,v-bass
To ensure the best possible tracking and sound quality, adjust the V-Bass’s pickup driver settings. After attaching the GK-2B pickup:

1. Press the GK SETTING button.

2. Press F1 [SETTING] and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to choose the string setup that applies to your bass: 4-, 5- or 6-string.

3. Press F2 [GK POSI] and turn PATCH/VALUE to select the string position you used when you installed the pickup.

4. Press F4 [GK TYPE] and turn PATCH/VALUE to select the type of divided pickup that’s installed on your bass.

5. Press F5 [DIRECTION] and turn PATCH/VALUE to select the direction in which the pickup is installed: Normal or Reverse.

6. Press EXIT to return to the main screen.

Note: For more detailed pickup settings, refer to page 16 of the V-Bass Owner’s Manual.