U-220: Jump and Mark Functions

Tags: u-220
Using the Jump/Mark function is an effective method of navigating the U-220 quickly. It also organizes your sound module to the point where accessing parameters no longer involves lengthy menu scrolling. This function makes the sound module more user friendly.

Follow these steps to Mark a location:

1. Navigate to the location you wish to "Mark."

2. Press the MARK button.

3. Press any button to the right of the JUMP button. (e.g. EXIT, ENTER, VALUES or PARTS)

Note: The selected button will now call up the location that was Marked.

4. Press the EXIT button repeatedly to return to the Play page.

Follow these steps to "Jump" to a location:

1. Press the JUMP button.

2. Press the button that you selected to Mark the location.

Note: The Marked location will now be displayed.