SPD-S: Sampling

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The SPD-S lets you record CD-quality samples and play them back instantly using the pads. Use the following steps to sample:

1. Using the appropriate cables, connect the audio device to be sampled to the INPUT(s) on the back of the SPD-S.

2. Press PATCH so it’s lit.

3. Press SAMPLE so it’s lit—“select dest pad” appears in the display.

4. Strike the pad you’d like to use as the destination for the sample—“………_ Stby” is displayed.

5. Play the audio to be sampled and set the SPD-S’s input level so it reaches the maximum value only occasionally in the onscreen meter. Adjust the input level using the INPUT LEVEL knob on the back of the SPD-S.

6. Stop the audio playback once you’ve set the input level.

7. Press START/STOP once—“……_Wait” appears in the display.
8. Play the sound you want to sample. Sampling starts automatically as “………_ REC” is displayed.

9. When the audio has been sampled, press START/STOP. “now processing” appears in the display momentarily, followed by “write?[Wave…]”.

10. Press ENTER to store the sample.

11. Strike the pad you selected in Step 3 to audition your new sample.