VS-2400: I cannot see the mouse on my VGA display (VS-2400)

Tags: vs-2400,lcd,vga
On the VS-2400, one can choose to use either an external display, or the built in LCD as thier primary screen (also known as Operation Target).

The default state of the 2400 is such that the built in LCD screen is set to be the Operation Target. Changing it to VGA can be done in 2 ways.

Method 1:
Step 1.) Press and hold SHIFT.
Step 2.) Press MASTER EDIT (the button directly above the red Master Fader).

If you look at the built in screen as you do this, you should see a message pop up "Operation Target Was Changed To VGA." If you did this button press combo a second time, you would see the message "Operation Target Was Changed To LCD." displayed on your VGA.

Method 2 (the long way):
Step 1.) Press SHIFT + F4 (UTILITY).
Step 2.) Select SYSTEM
Step 3.) Push F2 (Pram 2)
Step 4.) The last option in this window should say OPERATION TARGET with a checkmark next to either LCD or VGA. Using your ZOOM keys, cursor down to that box, and change it's value by using the TIME/VALUE Wheel.
Step 5.) Press ENTER.

You should now be able to see your mouse pointer on the screen, and have the capability of navigation through the use of the VGA interface.