TD-30, TD-30K, TD-30KV: Instrument Tuning

Tags: edit,pitch,td-30kv,td-30k,td-30
Use the following steps to adjust the tuning of an instrument in a kit.

1. Choose a desired kit to edit.

2. Press INST so it’s lit.

3. Press F2(EDIT).

4. Press F5 until “H & R” is not shaded.

5. Press F2 (HEAD).

6. Cursor to "Head Tuning."

7. Hit the pad—or portion of the pad, such as the head or rim—that contains the instrument you wish to adjust the tuning for.

8. Turn the dial or use the +/- buttons to adjust the tuning.

9. Repeat Steps 7-8 for the remaining pads.

10. When you’re finished, press KIT. Your customization is stored automatically.