VSR-880: How do I backup a song to a CD?

Tags: vsr-880,backup,saving,data
You can save song data from your internal hard drive to recordable CDR disks using the Roland VSCDR SCSI CD Burner.

1) Attach the Roland CD burner to the SCSI connection on the back of the VSR-880.

2) Make sure that the terminator switch located on the back of the burner is in the on position.

3) Set the ID# on the burner to 3 or 5. (The VSR is preset is set to ID 7. Multiple devices in a SCSI chain have to each have a unique ID #.)

4)Place a Blank CDR in the CD recorder.

5) Press CD-RW Mastering several times until "CD-R Backup" appears.

6) Press ENT/Yes

7) If you want to store the current song press ENT/Yes when "Store Current" appears otherwise press EXIT/NO if you do not need to save any changes in the current song.

8)When "CDR Bak =" appears in the display, use the TIME/VALUE wheel to select the song that you want to save.
Selecting "all" will backup all songs on the current drive

9) Parameter to the right to "verify +" then rotate the TIME/VALUE wheel to select "On".

10) Parameter to the write to "CD Speed="

11) Use the TIME/VALUE wheel to select the backup speed (1x,2x, or 4x)

12) Press ENT/Yes to start the the backup process.