VS-100, V-STUDIO 100: Using the Internal Metronome

Tags: tempo,metronome,beat

The following article will guide you through turning on and setting up the V-STUDIO 100's internal metronome.

  1. Turn the MAIN MIX knob counter-clockwise to lower the Main Mix volume.
  2. Press the VIEW/METRONOME button until the button begins flashing. The metronome function is turned on and the “METRONOME” screen is displayed.
  3. Raise the MAIN MIX knob to begin hearing the metronome.
  4. Turn the CURSOR/VALUE knob to select “Tempo”, “Beat” or “Volume” and then press the CURSOR/VALUE knob inward to select the parameter.
  5. Turn the CURSOR/VALUE knob to adjust the selected parameter’s setting.
  6. Press the CURSOR/VALUE knob inward to deselect the parameter.
  7. Press the DISPLAY/MENU button to return to the main screen.
  8. To turn off the metronome, press the VIEW/METRONOME button again. The light of the VIEW/METRONOME button turns off.