VS-2480, VS-2400: Editing and Naming Locators

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,time,position,point,bank,locate,mark,locator
You can name and edit the times of your Locators in the Utility Menu's LOCATE screen.

1. Press the UTILITY button (on VS-2400 press SHIFT + UTILITY)

2. Use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to cursor down to LOCATOR. Press ENTER/YES.

3. Use the TIME/VALUE DIAL or the ZOOM buttons to move up and down the list to select a LOCATOR that you want to edit or name.

4. To change the LOCATOR's time, use the RIGHT ZOOM button to move to the Time or Measure fields and use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to edit the numbers.

5. To name the LOCATOR, press F1 "Name" to get to the NAME screen.

6. Use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to change the letter (or number) of the highlighted character. Use your RIGHT ZOOM button to cursor to the next character, or the LEFT ZOOM button to cursor to the previous character.

7. To insert a character in the name, press F4 "Insert". To delete a character use F3 "Delete" (or F2 "BackSp").

8. Once you've completed naming your LOCATOR, press F5 "OK" to save it in the LOCATOR screen.

NOTE : In the LOCATOR screen you can use the F3 "GetNow" button to make the time of the selected LOCATOR, the current time displayed at the top of your screen. Also, you can use the F4 "GoTo" button to move the current play position of your project to the time of the selected LOCATOR. These buttons are useful for quickly jumping between LOCATOR times and editing those times in the LOCATOR screen.