F-20: Rhythms

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The Roland F-20 piano is the only in its class to offer a sophisticated, intelligent rhythm feature.  You can play along with your own backing band by choosing from 32 rhythm styles, spanning many musical genres. You do not need any special skills to be accompanied by the built-in rhythms, thanks to full-keyboard recognition derived from upper Roland models.

Accessing and using the 32 available rhythms on the F-20 piano is simple:

1) Hold down the button that says rhythm, and then press the piano key that corresponds to the rhythm you want.

2) A “Rhythm List” chart is attached to this article, showing which rhythms are located on each piano key.  The first rhythm will be found on the lowest note possible, and then a new rhythm will be located on every half step heading in the upper direction.

For example, the “8-beat” rhythm accompaniment will be activated by holding down the rhythm button while simultaneously pressing the lowest “A” note. To activate the shuffle rhythm, you would hold the rhythm button down and simultaneously press the 4th half step from the lowest note, being the lowest “C” note.