RC-300: Single Track Play

Tags: phrase,one,playback,one loop at a time

From the factory, the RC-300 is set to "Multi-Mode" which lets you play all three tracks in a memory location simultaneously. If you want the tracks to only play one at a time, choose "Single Track Play" for the play mode. For example, Single Track mode would work well for a looping setup where you'd have the first track as the Verse, the second track as a Bridge, and the third track for the Chorus.   

 Here's how to turn on Single Track Play.

1. Choose a memory location to edit. 

2. Press the MEMORY EDIT button.

3. Press the ( >)  button to choose "Single Tr Play."

4. Turn the MEMORY/VALUE knob to choose "ON."

5. Press WRITE twice to store the new setting to the memory.