AR-100: Updating the AR-100 via MIDI

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Use the following procedure to upgrade the AR-100 System Software via MIDI:

Required Items:
AR-100 Version Upgrade Files
MIDI Sequencer (must be able to play DOS format Standard MIDI Files)
MIDI Cable

1. Connect the MIDI OUT port of your sequencer / MIDI interface to the MIDI IN port of the AR-100.

2. Hold the DEC (decrement) button and turn the power on. The current system version will be displayed.

3. Press STOP and "t - 1" will be displayed.

4. Hold STOP and press PLAY. "bot" will be displayed.

5. Press the DEC (decrement) button so that "b - 1" is displayed.

6. Press the INC (increment) button so that "P11" is displayed.

7. Load song "_00000.mid" into your sequencer and begin playback. When the song is finished playing, "P12" will be displayed.

8. Load song "_00001.mid" into your sequencer and begin playback. Repeat this procedure for songs "_00002.mid" thru "_00007.mid."

10. After song "_00007.mid" has finished playing back, the new system version will be displayed. Press the INC (increment) button. A series of dots will be displayed sequentially, indicating that the upgrade is in process.

11. When the upgrade procedure is finished, "End" will be displayed. Turn the AR-100's power off and then on again to complete the upgrade procedure.