HPi-5: Saving a Recorded Song to Disk

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Use the following procedure to save a recorded song to disk:

1. Record a song as described under “Recording a Song.”

2. Insert a formatted disk into the drive.

Note: Make sure the disk was formatted on an HPi-5 (Refer to the Owner’s Manual, pp. 36–37 for more information.)

3. Press the FUNCTION button (located to the left of the cursor buttons.)

4. Use the cursor buttons to locate DISK on the screen, then press the ENTER button (located to the right of the cursor buttons.)

5. Press the ENTER button again to save in the Roland i Format.

6. Specify the song name and the save destination song number.

Note: Use the cursor buttons to select an item to set; use the cursor buttons to change characters or song numbers.

7. Press the ENTER button.

8. Press the EXIT button twice to return to the main screen.

Refer to the Owner’s Manual, pp. 36–38 for more information.