GT-6: Editing Patches

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The GT-6 has 140 user patches, any of which can be changed to your liking. Use the following steps to edit a Patch:
Note: The following steps use patch # 10-4 how it comes from the factory as an example. Since it is located in the USER section, your patch may be different.

1. Select Patch 10-4 (CLASSIC JC) for editing.

2. Notice that the CHORUS and REVERB buttons are lit. This means that these effects are currently selected. To edit one of the effects, press the CHORUS or REVERB button.

3. Now turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to choose the type of chorus or reverb you want.

4. Use the PARAMETER buttons to choose the effect parameter you want to edit and then turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the desired values.

5. Press the FX-1 button to turn on the currently selected multi-effect.

6. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the desired effect. (Choose the TREMOLO effect as an example.)

7. Press the PARAMETER buttons to select each effect parameter, and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the desired value. Try editing the Rate and Depth parameters.

8. Now try doing the same thing with FX-2, DELAY, and the OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION effects.

9. If desired, you can save your settings by pressing the WRITE button twice.