VM-3100PRO, ADA-7000: Connecting the ADA-7000 to the VM-3100Pro

Tags: ada-7000,vm-3100pro
Use the following procedure to set-up the ADA-7000 for use with the VM-3100PRO:

1. Power off all devices.

2. Connect the VM-3100PRO to the ADA-7000 with the R-Bus cable provided with the ADA-7000.

3. Turn on the ADA-7000, then the VM-3100PRO.

4. Press CLOCK SOURCE on the ADA-7000 to select R-Bus as the sampling clock.

Set up the VM-3100PRO as follows:

5. Press the SYSTEM/CONTRAST button.

6. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select INTERNAL.

7. Press LEVEL METER to exit.