F-20: Transposing

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Transposing the keyboard is an easy way to play a song in a different key, without having to actually learn the song in a new key. 

Using the transposition function requires 3 button pushes:

1) While holding the key touch and piano buttons, press the piano key that corresponds to the key signature you want to transpose to*.

*The piano keys that will transpose the F-20 keyboard surround C4**.  For example, if a song is in the key of E major, and you want to play it with the fingering of C major, you would set the Transposition function to a value of “+4” by holding the key touch and piano buttons, and pushing the E3 piano key.

To return your keyboard back to its normal key, hold the key touch and piano buttons, and press the C4 piano key to return your transposition amount to “0”.


**C4 refers to middle C, and each octave accounts for a number.  So C5 refers to one octave above middle C, C6 refers to two octaves above middle C, etc.  Refer to the picture below for a visual look at how to find the keys you want.