VS-880, VS-880EX, VS-1680: Updating the VS-880/880EX/1680 with a Zip Disk

Tags: system,vs-1680,vs-880,vs-880ex,update
The VS-880/880EX/1680 can be updated with a Zip(r) disk. You can download the files from our website - www.rolandus.com - to perform this update. Please refer to the readme file with your download for instructions on creating the update disk.

You will need a SCSI Zip drive to perform this update.

Warning: Do not connect a parallel port Zip drive to any VS Series products. Doing so can cause damage.

1. Power off the VS and the SCSI Zip drive.

2. Connect the Zip drive to the SCSI connector on the back of the VS.

3. Insert the update disk into the drive and power the drive on.

4. Power on the VS.

5. Press YES when the screen displays "Update SysPrg?"

6. When the update is complete, power off then back on.