ME-50: Calibrating the On-Board EXP Pedal

Tags: adjust,me-50,expression,faulty,repair
Use the following steps to calibrate the expression pedal and the toe-end switch on the ME-50:

1. Turn off the ME-50's power.

2. Press and hold the BANK [>] and WRITE buttons simultaneously, and then turn on the power - "P" appears in the display, followed by "U."

3. Move the EXP all the way back to the "heel" position until it stops.

4. Press WRITE - "d" appears in the display.
Note: If the TUNING indicator flashes, move the EXP pedal forward and then back, then press WRITE.

5. Move the EXP pedal all the way toe-forward until it stops.

6. Press WRITE - "5" appears in the display.

7. To adjust the toe-end foot switch, press BANK [<] or [>] to set the value (1–9).
A lower value allows for the switch to be activated with minimal pressure. More force is needed for higher values.

8. Press WRITE - The new settings are saved automatically.