MICRO BR: Importing MP3/WAV Files

Tags: import,load,mp3,wav,microtracks,trainer

The following steps will guide you through importing MP3 and WAV files into the MP3 TRAINER mode of the MICRO BR.

Formats Supported by the Micro BR:
    MP3 (file extension: .MP3)
       • 44.1 kHz
       • 64 kbps – 320 kbps
    WAV (file extension: .WAV)
       • 44.1 kHz
       • 8 bit or 16 bit
       • Mono or Stereo
       • linear

  1. Connect the Micro BR to your computer via USB. "USB Idling" will eventually appear on the Micro BR's screen.
  2. A window will appear on your computer that includes an "MP3" folder and a "ROLAND" folder.
  3. Drag the individual MP3 files from your computer into the “MP3” folder of the MICRO BR. Note: Be sure to drag the actual MP3 files into the “MP3” folder and not any folders.
  4. Properly eject the Micro BR from your computer:
    [ Windows ]
    Use the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows task tray to un-mount the USB memory and then disconnect the USB memory from your computer.
    [ Mac ]
    Drag the Drive icon of the USB memory into the trash in the dock and then remove the USB memory from your computer.
  5. Disconnect the USB cable from the Micro BR.

To play the imported MP3 file(s) on the MICRO BR:

  1. Press the MP3 TRAINER button until "MP3" appears on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Use the CURSOR buttons to move the cursor icon to the file number.
  3. Use the VALUE (+ & -) buttons to select an audio file that you would like to play.
  4. Press PLAY to begin playback of the chosen audio file.