FP-5: Transmitting MIDI Song Data

Tags: mode,midi,song,fp-5
The FP-5 can record your performance. When you turn the keyboard off, this song data is lost. If you wish to transmit the song data to an external MIDI recorder or sequencer, you must first change the FP-5 MIDI OUT MODE. Use the following procedure to transmit your recorded performance:

1. While holding down the VARIATION/EFFECTS button, press TEMPO/RHYTHM so that "FNC" is displayed. Then release the buttons.

2. Press the PLAY/STOP button.

3. Use the + / - buttons to select a MIDI OUT MODE.

NOTE: See page 51 of the Owner's Manual for a list of MIDI OUT MODE options.

4. Press the VARIATION/EFFECTS button or the TEMPO/RHYTHM button to exit.