VS-2480, VS-2400: How to record your first tracks on a VS-2480 or VS-2400CD

Tags: setup,vs-2400,vs-2480,recording,basic

To record in the VS2400/2480 follow these steps...

Step 1.) Plug a Microphone, instrument or audio device into an input.

Step 2.) From your main screen push F1 (it should say "Input" above it... if it doesn't push the Page button until it does).
The level meters on your screen now display the Inputs themselves.

Step 3.) While sending signal in, slowly turn the input knob (says "Line/ Mic" under it) clockwise. You will see level in the meter of the input you are connected to. Continue to turn the knob until the levels are between -4 and 0 in the meter.

Step 4.) Press F2 (IN Mix). Now we are looking at the levels of the Input Mixer. It is the Input Mixer that actually sends the audio to the record tracks.

Step 5.) Above your red Master Fader, push the button marked "IN 1-12" (or "IN 1-16" on 2480). We are now looking at the faders of the Input mixer.

Step 6.) Bring up the fader(s) that correlates to the input you are using. (For example: If you're using input 1 from a mono microphone or device, bring up fader 1. If you're using inputs 3 and 4 from a stereo device, bring up input faders 3 and 4). You can use the Level Meters here to confirm that your levels are still passing through.

Step 7.) Press F3 (TR Mix). Now the level meters will show us what is being recorded to the Tracks.

Step 8.) Press TR 1-12 (TR 1-16 on 2480). The faders are now operating in the Track Mixer mode.

Step 9.) Press the Track Status button(s) for the track you want to record to, until it turns red. Since we are using the default routing, use the same Track # as your input. (If you are connected to Input 1, then push Track Status for Track 1. If you are connected to inputs 3 and 4, then push Track Status 3 and 4) This puts the track into record status.

Step 10.) Push Record then Play. Press Stop to end recording.
NOTE: If you have any other tracks recorded, bring up their fader volumes to hear them playing while you are recording.

Step 11.) Bring up the fader volume of the track that you have recorded to and then press Play to hear it.

Step 12.) If you would like to record any additional tracks, plug a microphone or instrument into a different input and then repeat steps 2 through 11.